Conference Overview

The 2020 National Diversity and Leadership Conference presents our phenomenal National Women’s Conference on April 21, 2020 at the Marriott Marquis Houston. The National Women’s Conference is one of the full day summits occurring within the 2020 National Diversity and Leadership Conference. Learn more about the 2020 National Diversity and Leadership Conference.

The National Women’s Conference focuses on the professional development of women from various walks of life. This conference grants women tremendous opportunities to grow and receive messages that will inspire them to champion all environments. With a schedule featuring established speakers and eye-opening trainings, the summit is able to provide a much needed platform to women professionals, students, and entrepreneurs. During this conference, we will be highlighting many areas of interest including

  • Accelerating your Career Trajectory
  • Mental Health Crisis: Managing the Anxiety & Depression Epidemic Today
  • The Changing Meaning of Ambition
  • Leading and following women