Breakout Sessions: The Various Paths to Success

With our breakout sessions, conference attendees can learn more about their particular topic of interest in a more intimate setting, allowing them to walk away with eye-opening knowledge that can aid them in their own personal journey to success.

  • a) Building Your Brand in the Digital Age

    LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… these days, the list for internet sites and apps we keep up with can seem overwhelming. Some may even decide it’s better to stay off all social media for their own peace of mind. While this is a path to choose, the power in utilizing online platforms to strengthen brand validity and visibility is unquestionable. This session will discuss the power of having a digital presence in today’s society and how to craft profiles that will both get you noticed and grow your professional network.

  • b) Inclusive Workplaces; Standing By LGBTQ+ Women

    With over half of the country lacking laws that protect individuals from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, workplaces remain potentially dangerous for those in the LGBTQ+ community. Because of the fear of harassment or worse, Many LGBTQ+ women are not able to bring their full selves to the workplace which can stifle their personal and professional development. Building an inclusive workplace culture ensures that LGBT employees not only stay, but flourish! This session highlights how we can be allies to LGBTQ+ women as well as how LGBTQ+ women can navigate through their careers without fear of judgment.

  • c) Walking on a Tightrope; How to Achieve A Good Work-life Balance

    Many women are balancing a lot; work, family, school, bills, and much more. Juggling all of these tasks can make it seem as though finding a work-life balance or balance in general is impossible. This session offers tangible methods for women to manage their busy schedules and find time for their own passions and hobbies.

  • d) Real Talk: Self-Love, Strength and Resilience in the Workplace

    It goes without saying that when one enters a place where the majority does not look like them, they often feel as though they do not belong. Due to many barriers faced by women of color, many of these women find themselves as one of the few non-white, non-male bodies in their workplaces. This can lead to these women limiting their own career advancements due to the fear of sticking out in a bad way. Participants of this session will learn about cultivating resilience, self-love and solidarity in all workplaces.

  • e) Respectability Politics: Policing the Bodies and Behaviors of WOC

    While the term “respectability politics” has been in use since its creation in 1993, the actual concept has been around for centuries. Today, it’s prevalence continues to place marginalized groups at fault for the poor treatment they receive. Just because they might not conform to society’s biased depictions of how women should talk, act, and look like, many women find themselves blamed for the hardships they endure, especially women of color. This session delves into the world of women from various cultural and social backgrounds; it educates participants on the damage policing these women can have and also uplifts and guides those who stand firm in their own definition of womanhood.

  • f) Building Your Safety Net; Sustain Financial Security Through Every Life Event

    Being ‘financially fit’ is a dream for the working woman. But life events such as career shifts, family matters, divorce, and illness can drastically affect a woman’s financial health. Taking precautionary measures and informed risks are critical steps to not only maintaining but building one’s finances to ensure that despite whatever situations life hands you, you will be able to come out on top. This session will examine the different ways women can acquire and sustain wealth.

  • g) Working With Women; Women of Color in Intersectional Advocacy

    Participants of this session will learn about the resources needed to help women build successful advocacy on behalf of the issues that matter most to them. This session will assess current movements led by and impacting women of color, the impact of these movements, and the role of intersectionality in advocacy issues. Participants will come away will specific tactics for engagement that can be employed regardless of social, economic or educational status.

  • h) Closing the Confidence Gap

    Some research suggests that women begin their careers with, on average, less confidence than their male peers. Other studies suggest that even when women are equally confident in their abilities, they are less likely to promote themselves – and may receive different reactions when they do than the reactions their male colleagues receive. Closing this “confidence gap” is an essential element in strengthening one’s negotiating muscle. In this interactive session we will learn to understand the gap in confidence and/or self-promotion and learn and practice new strategies and exercises to close the gap for oneself or for others.