Tania MontanezTania has 15 years of experience in strategic sales, training and marketing in the property management/ real estate industry. Tania has traveled to Texas, Colorado, North/South Carolina and Florida to train agents on how to sell like rock stars by developing strategies and new techniques according to market trends. Tania has now branched out into the I.T industry and is now the Business Development Director at Ark Solvers, an I.T Management company that seeks to help businesses with their goals in the realm of technology.

Tania is an active member of the community as an activist Against Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking. She has spoken at Barry University, Elementary Schools and Women’s Conferences sharing her personal story and raising awareness. She manages the start-up organization “THE MAVUNO PROJECT” an organization that seeks to help people by way of missions and community events. Tania is currently a student at Lee University for a B.A in Ministry Leadership with a Counseling Emphasis. She lives in Aventura, FL with her husband and son. Together they spend their vacations hosting mission trips to Honduras and helping the local community.