Lisa L. Montgomery

Lisa L. Montgomery
Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Illinois Institute of Technology

Lisa is employed by Illinois Institute of Technology, having served since 2003 and was appointed the Director of the Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion (SCDI) in June of 2009. She has also served in the roles of Managing Director for Community Development and Director of Women’s Services and Diversity Education. She is responsible for providing research, programs and resources for student’s intellectual, cultural, ethical and career development. Lisa also helps to guide and contribute to a significant increase in an institutional commitment to issues of diversity and inclusion. She assists in efforts to increase enrollment, retention, graduation and career placement of students.

Several years of her career has been devoted to serving higher education institutions. She has over 14 years of key management experience and some of her expertise encompasses community development, outreach programs, policy development, training, and authoring and managing programs. Prior to her career at IIT she worked for DePaul University, Stone Container and Ryerson Steel. Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in Education Administration from DePaul University and Master in Public Administration from Illinois Tech. She is the founder and executive director of Dreams & Beyond, a non-profit agency that provides resources, research, consulting and training to girl serving organizations and emerging young women as they transition into womanhood.

Lisa serves on a variety of boards and committees including the Illinois College of Optometry Advisory Board and the Illinois Tech – University Diversity Committee. She is the recipient of many notable awards and recognitions.

Lisa is a native Chicagoan. Her interests include traveling, reading, history, advocacy, cooking, American culture, spirituality, youth development and gardening. She celebrates life by getting people to talk about meaningful ways to improve the world and then encourages them to go and do something positive.