Halit Bander is the Vice President of Life Sciences & Operations (LS&O). She is responsible for the implementation and management of Baxter’s development of products from pre-clinical to clinical development and Operations and building the economic models around our products. She is also responsible for an operation team which entails medical information and business operations while ensuring operational effectiveness throughout. She leads a diverse global team with over 20 different functions.

Halit joined Baxter in 2011. Prior to that Halit worked at Marathon Pharmaceuticals as VP of Clinical, Regulatory and Medical Affairs. In that role she was the key scientific executive accountable for clinical development, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and medical affairs.

Previously Halit worked for over 10 years in increasing responsibility at Pfizer Inc. Headquarters in NYC. Her last role was Executive Director/Global Medicine Team Leader for Lipitor, Atorvastatin. In that role, she was overseeing the strategic, operational and budgetary responsibilities across all functional groups including medical, clinical, outcome research, regulatory, safety and project management related to Lipitor, Pfizer’s largest selling medicine. Halit has a track record of building successful high performing teams throughout her time with Pfizer.

At Pfizer she provided overall management for new, ongoing global clinical studies as well as sub-studies of completed trials including oversight of all CROs. This included managing a clinical program (Phase I-IV) of over 400 clinical trials worldwide – One of the largest clinical trial programs worldwide.

Halit has been involved in other therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, urology, gastroenterology and respiratory, being the medical team leader for Viagra for two years. She has over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience and over 30 publications in leading medical journals. Halit has also being involved in various aspects of Inclusion and Diversity and is currently next in line to co-lead the Baxter Women leader’s business group. She has received her Ph.D. in Mathematics specialty in Statistics from Boston University.