Divya Behl Divya Behl, Vice President of Operations and Engineering at Driv-Lok, is an industrial and systems engineer leading the charge on creating a new way of thinking in Manufacturing Operations and R and D. She is leveraging her background and doctoral work in systems engineering to look at the entire manufacturing system holistically, reshaping company wide processes and developing a training strategy to support the effort. Broadening the scope by looking at the entire enterprise and not only the production floor, Divya is optimizing the entire manufacturing system and drastically cutting lead times and reducing cost across the board.

Divya offers a unique blend of technical acumen and business savvy. She is a big-picture thinker who is skilled at devising strategy that fills market needs. She is an exceptional innovator and leader, demonstrating her adaptability and communication skills as she works with individuals from the shop floor all the way to staff as the head of operations and a member of the executive team. Divya is a relentless problem-solver who never loses sight of the desired outcome, benefiting the people she works with and the bottom line.

Divya is also working with the local community to develop a Workforce Development Program to address the shortage of manufacturing workers in the next decade and strengthen the pipeline into the industry. Starting with students as young as the 5th grade, the program encourages our youth to pursue careers in manufacturing and STEM. Her focus is to develop skill sets through education, experiential learning and mentoring opportunities.

Divya works to mentor the next generation of women engineers through a book club she founded for Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at Northern Illinois University. She also co-founded an initiative entitled “WE Matter”(Women Engineers Matter) to promote women in STEM fields. She also volunteers for the community and currently serves as recruitment chair in the Junior League of Kane and DuPage Counties. Divya has written a blog and hosted her own radio show, called Weekend Wisdom.

Divya holds a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering and is pursing her PhD in Systems Engineering. She is supported by the loves of her life her husband, Ankur Rishi Behl and her daughter, Diya Rani Behl.