Emerging Leaders Certificate
Executive Leadership Development

Emerging Leaders

The C-suite has never been closer and within reach. Labor statistics indicate within less than a decade the majority of executive leadership positions will be vacant as senior leaders retire or exit the workforce, creating new and exciting leadership opportunities for emerging leaders. The question is, as an emerging leader, will you be prepared for these opportunities when they arise? More importantly, will you have the requisite skills and savvy to successfully make the transition to executive levels of leadership? This certificate is designed to help prepare you, as an emerging leader, for a successful career in leadership positions. This session, will prepare you to:

  • Understand effective approaches to leading in different organization contexts
  • Understand and leverage your leadership design in challenging leadership situations
  • Read organizational culture and create an organizational culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Successfully navigate organizational culture and transcend negative, organizational politics
  • Identify and develop your leadership values for decision-making and judgment—one of the most critical competencies for executive level leadership

Executive Leadership Development

What is an executive leader? A strategist, a visionary, a coach, a politician, and in your case, a trailblazing woman. You are focused on your organization's future 24/7, so you need to be well equipped to optimize your company's performance. It takes a steely will, emotional intelligence, and profound business acumen to be an executive leader. This is why you are here. Whether you are a midlevel manager or currently an executive, this course will help you develop your executive leadership skills through crafting your own leadership style, building a cohesive and high-performing team, and mastering the competencies of effective executive leadership. This session will prepare you to:

  • Define & Leverage Your Executive Effectiveness
  • Align Strategy with Organizational Culture
  • Develop Strategic & Purposeful Leadership
  • Employ Adaptive & Inspirational Leadership Strategies
  • Develop the Talents of Others
  • Craft a Blueprint for Executive Leadership