With our breakout sessions, conference attendees can learn more about their particular topic of interest in a more intimate setting, allowing them to walk away with eye-opening knowledge that can aid them in their own personal journey to success.

  • Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

    Women are often called rude, selfish, bossy, or much worse when we tell someone no. However, as Brene Brown says, creating these boundaries allows for us to do more for ourselves and ultimately for others. Reserving our time, energy, and space for our safety, health, and general needs enables women to maintain a healthier, more satisfied self; therefore, our capacity and ability to help others will also be increased. This session will discuss how to protect our time, energy, and selves, and ultimately say no to things and people that do not serve our greater wellbeing.

  • Emerging Leaders

    This session focuses on the importance of emerging leadership. Through the guidance offered by our panelists, young audience members can learn the do’s and don’ts of leadership as well as how they can continue to grow in their industries.

  • Engaging Male Allies

  • Essential Leadership Skills

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Intersectionality - Bringing All of Your Identities to the Workplace

  • Leading with EQ

    Emotional intelligence involves a person’s awareness of his/her/their own emotions. Further, it includes the ability to handle relationships wisely and with empathy. Emotional intelligence is an immense asset for leaders as it allows them to maintain and control their own emotions while calmly addressing the needs of others. This session will discuss how emotional intelligence can enhance leadership.

  • Tips From The C-Suite

  • Most Powerful Women's Roundtable

  • Multicultural Women's Roundtable

    Respecting the differences between cultures and attempting to make room for different cultural perspectives within the context of an organization sounds good, but we’ve seen how difficult it can be. How do leaders effectively and successfully lead team members from different countries, cultures, languages, religious beliefs, and ethnicities? It requires a broad range of skills, curiosity, and humility.

  • Woman on Boards

  • Work Life Balance